Wednesday, November 01, 2017

HK & Macau

what could be better than a vacation?
trip down to hk and macao! macau!

sleepless nights just to survey for place to stay zzzz..

HK First

And Macauuuu

highlight of trip...bungeeeeee! almost chicken out a little..
and i didnt do it right =/

Halloween does makes the trip more fun somehow..
too much walking..too much late night out..but its not a bad trip..
i guess its who you're travelling with as well hehehe

first and last trip before le buddy ties the knot!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

up coming....

Few Highlightsss..

RR is back! and gone again..

'hiking' with le church membas..

Food trip down to melaka!

and ofcourse, biggest highlight of all....
ah wei's and fookie's wedding!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Let's bum!

So, its been almost a month since i got back..
what's up?
i dont think im going back to ship as of now..mid next year maybe?
depends how am i progressing on land for this coming months till then..

been doing a little catch up here and there..

Nephews..cutie piee..

did nothing much actually..
catching up on shows..and im done with running man..o gosh..
and cant dl more tvbs, as another computer which i usually download with it is down..
and this laptop, tak boleh diharap punya..zzz
been lazing too much..waaayyy too much..

on a side note, been dreaming some unpleasant dreams lately..
i believe ive been thinking too much too..
too conscious and calculative suddenly? i dont know..
but afterall, who's the one that got affected? only me..
just whatever i do or think, in the end, it only make myself suffers..

the devil in me is really working hard..
angel, where are you?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Journey 2 8.5

I'm home! just to update some pictures for my last cruise..

Rock church, didnt get in due to the queue..

Warnemunde again, some events going on



and last european food..denmark danish pastry..ahaha

I got to say i left at pretty much the right time..thank God i doesnt have to stay longer..
new hgm, new fnb director, new matred = new things = adjustment

i cant imagine people that have 6 months contract and is complaining, what more us whom are having 8-9 months contract..die lor?

i can only thank God for the strength that he provides, definately i wont be able to push on with my own bare strength..
even up to the moment im on a plane, from a middle seat, people asked if i want to change to their aisle seat..*sure!!*..more than happy to..muahaa

what i've learned from cruising?
bad stuff *kidding*..
but no joke, ofcos there are good and bad stuff that you learned..but im glad, and i hope, im still the me..if i ever changed, i hope its a good change..

1. money can buy time - literally
2. you just gotta be selfish sometimes to survive (survival skill)
3. trying to be perfect/thinking too much/doing too much - making yourself tired
4. seems like ure too loud or too quiet, is not a good thing
5. being asians, feels like ure not as good as the others in some people's eyes
6. i can think no more now..hahaha

now what is my next step? same old answer, i dont know..
now, what should i catch up on? tvb drama? tvb variety? running man? one piece? oh godddd..