Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Year, and now Chinese New Year

February was quite a fruitful month, officially marks its been half a year since im back, yikes

badminton and badminton and hiking and hiking. oh my, who would have thought i'd go for hiking, like a long hours hike..
 Bukit Gasing as warm up..

and then Bukit Kutu..
took bout 3 hours mins up, and 2.5 hours down..

and then it's chinese new year!
homemade chicken floss mini popiah?

and then it's le buddy's bday and hen's night!

and more birthdays!

the end of february.
time really pass quickly.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Crossing New Year

It's December then comes January! time flies eh?

So old buddy of mine opens a cafe/bistro! new lepak spot!
good is pretty good i would say..

after missing christmas for 2 years!

went over to singapore to meet the girls.
sambil go countown.
damn, a rainy countdown, cant believe we actually stand and waited under the rain!

happy new year!

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

HK & Macau

what could be better than a vacation?
trip down to hk and macao! macau!

sleepless nights just to survey for place to stay zzzz..

HK First

And Macauuuu

highlight of trip...bungeeeeee! almost chicken out a little..
and i didnt do it right =/

Halloween does makes the trip more fun somehow..
too much walking..too much late night out..but its not a bad trip..
i guess its who you're travelling with as well hehehe

first and last trip before le buddy ties the knot!