Monday, November 12, 2018

Journey 3 2/7

I think I really need to get my feet (heel) fixed when I get back this time..means no badminton? And there goes all the money for physiotherapy..sobs
Why am I so Kiam?lol

Out in princess cays to makan! And St Kitts and st Lucia too..hoping to get to tour st Lucia one day..I need kaki to go tour with! =/

Downloaded few episodes of hk drama in princess cays, free medallion wifi! Really best internet at sea haha, and even better than most land internet too..bravo
Downloaded some at Florida terminal too..
Will download more when I purchase the Internet next time hehhe

Was posted to be hostess, now I know it's really tiring to smile and greet for 4-5

And I have only loose approx 2kg or less, so little..4.5kg more to go!
Well actually the uniform weighs too..1-1.5kg maybe?

Out to maho? Beach, can't rem the name, in st's a beach next to the airport, so the plane is actually really near to ppl go there and ofcos, to catch a pic or vid with plane..crowded, once is enough..
8 of us! 7 diff nationality..
And ofcos, it looks like I can't escape from leg injuries..10 mins after arrival, toe got injured d..aiks

There's a opening for crew welfare coordinator, tempted but idk (time/hours, pay etc), then need to host things which I think I'm weak at..plan can la..also..still wanting to go for fnb admin side, but what if there's no opening throughout?
Spoke to a colleague, I guess I'd just wait for fnb opening hehhe..hopefully there will be one soon..

Paid ppl to do work for me for the first time..half half with waiter..his decision..
Hopefully he'll offer to pay more often in future haha

When God knows my feet starting to cannot take it, roomie change cabin! And opportunity for me to take lower awesome! Rest my feet from climbing ladder at least, and ofcos convenience..

New roomie is a first timer..I'm such a bad 'mentor'..n at least I think she's a nice girl..friendly n considerate at least..and we're leaving the dame day!

And I think my shoe gonna ko soon..die..2 months cacat d geez..
Pray pray pray it can last for at least 2.5 more months..

Regret giving out my room number again, and allowing ppl coming to my room again, nv learn from last time..urgh..if only my roomie will come back earlier each time such incident happen..

It's been 2 months, no complaints so far..not bad says waiter hahah..
He's such a naggg, but all is good after service

First 14 days cruise, omg difficult guests..kill me!

Hallowweeennnn..need to dress up/make up yo..oh nos..
At least not a must, didn't do anything lol..almost, but didn't..

Thank God for throughout:
1. Get done whatever I needed to get done (haircut, buy things that I forgot to bring)
2. Got few days private room, changed and at least I think my roomie is nice too
3. Nice waiter, not bad la
4. Found fellowship!
5. Kind soul gave me wine opener!
6. For sales!
7. For day off!
8. Getting lower bunk bed!

Monday, October 01, 2018

Journey 3 1/7

I tot I could manage after my first cruise..but...
1st sept, 2nd cruise, first day..gotta admit, bad day..super super bad day..I'm so sad..
I guess I'll make my waiter from nice to not nice..jeopardize the service, blur, slow, dropped tray and break stuffs! (I think this is where everything starts to go hay wire)
with the new system being practiced, with my lack of strength and speed, with my being too kind don't know how to rush and say no..I don't know..can I not cope?
Looks like even if I can sell also no use..he wants fast, but I'm slow..sigh..
And wanting fast, limits me from conversing with the passengers as well..hmm
Can only pray to God to make things better..

I think by this time, any slight thing my feet hit, is gonna hurt so bad..

I have a table of Chinese passenger for 2 weeks, speaking canto, not sure if at the start got talk bout me being a Chinese etc, but we've been communicating in English, I tried to use canto but I guess it's not very obvious, and they've been talking and making statements among each other, macam I don't und like that, but ofcos, I act like I don't und also la..and stopped the attempt to use canto..heh

And a passenger, a Christian, offered to pray for me..which reminded me that I am supposed to pray each chair for ppl to be saved lolll..

Looks like no opportunity to go for tours this time, as u wouldn't know when I could get off, when they will schedule you..only if breakfast team then yes, easier to manage..sigh

Ah, dry dock is after I go home..makes more sense..

I called a madam, sir!=O

People from my first contract tends to rem me..I tot I could manage after my first cruise..but...who, r they? lol..I'm so bad..and yea, they rem me for being chubby..

Got my first day off on week 3! On a port that I've never been before, Puerto Rico, San Juan (itinerary change due to wheater) usual, roam around donno do what..and end up in Starbucks..n have a chat with passenger..

Went to medical too, due to my skin, suspect bed bugs, which everyone is telling me, but idk..but at the same time, my skin condition is kinda bad too..sigh..was told I got high blood pressure too =O but was back to normal the next visit..and it's bed bug positive! Moved to passenger cabin for a nite only 1 bug is found hmmm..could it really be just my prob?
Ah, fix my bed 4 times in less than a month..tired me!

Seasick hits again..and I don't have my ginger drink this time round..noooo

out at few new ports, there goes my rest time..

Falmouth, Jamaica..just for the sake of going out lol

Cartegana, like a rainforest just by the port..birds, flamingo, deer least sth to see hehe

Went through Panama Canal, honestly, what's up with the his canal? About the locks? Gotta read more bout it..

And limon..stroll for 30 mins at least and finally found the Chinese restaurant that ppl are talking about..ok la the food hehe
Ordered too much..first time having so much rice after one month..

Oh, I was saying I didn't like traditional dining? Well actually it's not tooooo bad..I guess I'd rather stay here than to the one half and half..but still, I'd rather go to anytime long as I stay put (good training ground before going anytime) or go to anytime, but don't go to the half n half one will do..

Thank God for throughout:
1. Get done whatever I needed to get done (haircut, buy things that I forgot to bring)
2. Got few days private room, changed and at least I think my roomie is nice too
3. Nice waiter, not bad la
4. Found fellowship!
5. Kind soul gave me wine opener!
6. For sales!
7. For day off!

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Kick Start Journey 3

Day 0 - chaotic - forgot things, unprepared departures
Day 1 - arm pain
Day 2 - backache, foot ache, signs of cough

Needed to adjust to ship, it's like new stuff again..layout, management etc
Got traditional dining, which I don't wanttttt, but it's ok, there's rotation, can only pray that will rotate till the dining that I want and stop there like last time hehe
And day off system here, baddd..super sales orientated but hard to get day off.. 

Met a few familiar faces too..but I think I'll still be a loner there, a super loner, which is worse than past 2 contracts..
Internet system changed too, better for a lot of ppl, but not I need to plan when to buy properly..
Only Malaysian in dining again! Another one more is cook, 2 of us! Heard there's one in front desk, haven't seen..

Waiter is nice, as far for now, at least I think he is nice la..hehe..from Thailand..
ship system is a little better (except for schedule n super sales pushing) and different, removes all my worries that I have that caused me to feel very tired last time. Yay that he will be staying till January..
Need to buck up, I'm so weak nowwwwww, need to get back on form so that won't be a burden to him aik..
And practices are diff here as well, sigh, can I say I hate to adapt? always on a losing end whenever I always try to do things the proper way..

Roomie is nice, not sure about neighbor tho..macam gonna be same case as last contract..
got upper bunk, she came 3 weeks earlier..looks like no chance for me to go lower bunk this time..although she finish contract first, but no point la, bout 2 months left je..
Room located at the front of ship, so noisy can die I donno why..and farrr..

And this ship will experience no least once a cruise so far..wtcc..this is no good..

My skin is so dryyy....the worst skin condition I have throughout actually..and so smart of me changing new facial product, no try before and it's not helping..

Heard that next year got dry dock, before I head home, yay! Hope the news is real..but also heard it's after I go

Thank God for:
1. Get done whatever I needed to get done (haircut, buy things that I forgot to bring)
2. Got few days private room, changed and at least I think my roomie is nice too
3. Nice waiter, not bad la
4. Found fellowship!
5. Kind soul gave me wine opener!

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

What's going on?

So after so long, finally all the busy times have come to past (bukannya sangat busy pun)..
but no more excuse to slack already..time to move on..i believe..

Le buddy is officially off the market~

after missing years of bazaar, this year i am here!
Ramadan cup!

Loser treat yumz

Birthday on land after being away from land for a while.. 


back to cruise, or...curry laksa?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Life of a jobless person

So yes, i am jobless for almost half a year already hoho
glad that im still surviving but i guess not for long..

So what kept me occupied?

 Meeting with my fav artist =D, with the fan club for the first time..


Buddy's belated bday dinner..
i guess it's gonna be wayyyy next time till i cook again.. 

a hike at bukit chenuang, where we got 'lost'..

Buddy finally cooked! after many years i asked for it hahaha

Cruise to Surabaya & Jakarta thanks to mom, prior to that, down to JB to find my budak first..

 then to SG to find the sampat kakis..

and finally board!

spot her fav guy on board behind =p

what else do you do on board? eat. too many food pics to post..

2nd nephew..=D another cutie pie..

and becoming florist for le buddy wed prep..

more to come? gotta get down to work soon yo! broke liao..

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Year, and now Chinese New Year

February was quite a fruitful month, officially marks its been half a year since im back, yikes

badminton and badminton and hiking and hiking. oh my, who would have thought i'd go for hiking, like a long hours hike..
 Bukit Gasing as warm up..

and then Bukit Kutu..
took bout 3 hours mins up, and 2.5 hours down..

and then it's chinese new year!
homemade chicken floss mini popiah?

and then it's le buddy's bday and hen's night!

and more birthdays!

the end of february.
time really pass quickly.