Tuesday, July 03, 2018

What's going on?

So after so long, finally all the busy times have come to past (bukannya sangat busy pun)..
but no more excuse to slack already..time to move on..i believe..

Le buddy is officially off the market~

after missing years of bazaar, this year i am here!
Ramadan cup!

Loser treat yumz

Birthday on land after being away from land for a while.. 


back to cruise, or...curry laksa?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Life of a jobless person

So yes, i am jobless for almost half a year already hoho
glad that im still surviving but i guess not for long..

So what kept me occupied?

 Meeting with my fav artist =D, with the fan club for the first time..


Buddy's belated bday dinner..
i guess it's gonna be wayyyy next time till i cook again.. 

a hike at bukit chenuang, where we got 'lost'..

Buddy finally cooked! after many years i asked for it hahaha

Cruise to Surabaya & Jakarta thanks to mom, prior to that, down to JB to find my budak first..

 then to SG to find the sampat kakis..

and finally board!

spot her fav guy on board behind =p

what else do you do on board? eat. too many food pics to post..

2nd nephew..=D another cutie pie..

and becoming florist for le buddy wed prep..

more to come? gotta get down to work soon yo! broke liao..

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Year, and now Chinese New Year

February was quite a fruitful month, officially marks its been half a year since im back, yikes

badminton and badminton and hiking and hiking. oh my, who would have thought i'd go for hiking, like a long hours hike..
 Bukit Gasing as warm up..

and then Bukit Kutu..
took bout 3 hours mins up, and 2.5 hours down..

and then it's chinese new year!
homemade chicken floss mini popiah?

and then it's le buddy's bday and hen's night!

and more birthdays!

the end of february.
time really pass quickly.