Thursday, July 20, 2017

Journey 2 8.5

I'm home! just to update some pictures for my last cruise..

Rock church, didnt get in due to the queue..

Warnemunde again, some events going on



and last european food..denmark danish pastry..ahaha

I got to say i left at pretty much the right time..thank God i doesnt have to stay longer..
new hgm, new fnb director, new matred = new things = adjustment

i cant imagine people that have 6 months contract and is complaining, what more us whom are having 8-9 months contract..die lor?

i can only thank God for the strength that he provides, definately i wont be able to push on with my own bare strength..
even up to the moment im on a plane, from a middle seat, people asked if i want to change to their aisle seat..*sure!!*..more than happy to..muahaa

what i've learned from cruising?
bad stuff *kidding*..
but no joke, ofcos there are good and bad stuff that you learned..but im glad, and i hope, im still the me..if i ever changed, i hope its a good change..

1. money can buy time - literally
2. you just gotta be selfish sometimes to survive (survival skill)
3. trying to be perfect/thinking too much/doing too much - making yourself tired
4. seems like ure too loud or too quiet, is not a good thing
5. being asians, feels like ure not as good as the others in some people's eyes
6. i can think no more now..hahaha

now what is my next step? same old answer, i dont know..
now, what should i catch up on? tvb drama? tvb variety? running man? one piece? oh godddd..

Friday, June 30, 2017

Journey 2 8/8

It's juneeeeeeeeeeeee!

God have been really good with me..making me a little more chill for day shift work..just again, also nice timing for such schedule..

Finally a bridge tour! But got cancelled! Due to red alert..omg..
next bridge tour in few days time, on a sea day! wtc..cant make it =(

Dead tired this month..also a frustrated month..
So frustrated that I can only sigh out loud, and let it flow..

Starting to feel tired for doing too much also..I can only blame myself for being too 'responsible' lol..or trying to be a perfectionist..
Tired of being too independent..and not willing to portray my 'weak side'..
Too much mistakes this month too..sigh..hugeeeeeee mistake..sigh
Some recoverable, some can't be recovered..
One recent mistake caused a complain..=\
Perhaps it's also a sign that the time of going home is near..tend to be not in shape..excusessss..
It's time for massage session!

On the bright side, Have been generating drinks sales recently..thanks to the japs..hehe..I'm gonna request some off before I go homeeeeeeeee..

Starting to feel unwell againnnn..
But still surviving..
Had more of the ginger drink that mom asked to regrets's like my medicine throughout my contract..
And been eating toooo muchhhh againnnn..riceee omg..which I don't really take on board..but recently..hehe

managed to explore a little of Copenhagen!

Explored tallin a little more..
after eight ice cream, yummy..

like a bit creepy eh?


Some destination planned to go before I head home..
Vigeland - checked

Next, peterhof palace..hmm..failed..went makan instead haha

trying to catch some sunset view..

st petersburg

i cant rem where lol

and event to know more about medallion..

Things to thank God so far...
1. I didn't literally faint on day 1 n memalukan myself, but to survived
2. Got assigned to pretty nice, niceee waiter and got assistant to shadow me for my first few days if not I have no clue at all..I felt bad for have me lol and have a nice 2nd waiter too
3. Got a vest from linen keeper! (Cos I don't have it which I'm supposed to have)
4. Found worship service on the dot of arrival again..
5. Schedule that allows some time to go u don't really get day off here unless u sell..
6. Dinner off!
7. Free gloves from a colleague!
8. Gifts from Christmas!
9. Remains at the dining room I prefer (cos finish earlier =D)
10. Opportunity to get some sales! Yeah
11. All the waiters I got were nice n generous
12. Got a talking bible!
13. Good schedule for dry dock and miniature visitation blessing
14. Health! Been sick, minor one but cured without any medication..
15. Hitting sales target and chances to get day off!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Journey 2 7/8

Cruise had been easy-tough..
It's ok, and apparently a lot of Asians on Baltic cruises..this month at least..
Taking some advantage of my mandarin n canto speaking ability..
But other than that, when facing with Russian etc..bye bye haha

Got pretty tired..
Full station of Japanese..damn! Y didn't I learn some useful jap words..
Looks like watching one piece doesn't help hahaha

And my skin is getting into a really bad condition..I donno why =(

And apparently I 'stole' someone's sales..but u know what? I don't careeee..
As long as I know what am I doing..
I'm pretty sure he'll be telling everyone he sees..lameee..
I'm kiasu, but he is more..tsk tsk

Finally get to explore the port of calls..
Honestly, donno what to explore as u noe, don't really know how to appreciate the museums etc..

Chillax and buy chocolates at warnemunde, Germany..apparently it's cheap but, I have no idea..

Warnemunde round 2..

Stockholm, Sweden..due to time constrain, just had a stroll and ate mcd on the way back ldm

Going out at st. Petersburg, Russia is crazy, super long wait for immigration..
But got some nice pictures hehe
super no filter i tell you..spilled blood church..

hermitage museum..apparently a must visit, but

And colleague rented a boat at nite..honestly..paid too much for it..much cheaper if go myself..cos I don't drink!

Oslo, Norway..again, just roaming around n picture here n there..

these guys are a quite annoying

Tallin, Estonia..quiet country I supposed..again, strolling around..

Helsinki, Finland..
Makan 'chinese' buffet..


Noticed that there's actually a lot of buffet lunch promo =O

Went to eat at our ship's crown grill / steakhouse..
Food/steak was better than I imagined hehe
Super full..I think I had like 2 ppl's portion of food..

yummy desserts, but unfortunately i rushed it as was rushing for next agenda..=/

I'm feeling super exercise and eat alottttt..

Oh oh! My neighbor finally left! Both of them..praise God! I know like damn bad..
New neighbor is muchhhh cleaner than them..yayy

Heard next month onward gonna be even more hoo